The Myrtle Point Chamber of Commerce receives numerous inquiries each week.

Here are examples of the most frequently asked questions:

What is the weather like in Myrtle Point?

Myrtle Point boasts an average daily high temperature of 79 degrees in the summer with an average low of 35 degrees in the winter. You’ll find an occasional sterke slaappillen (one or twice a year) 100 degree day. January is generally the coldest month and Myrtle Point sometimes enjoys a few days of snowfall in the winter months. The average annual precipitation is 60″.

What is the primary industry?

Myrtle Point was founded by dairymen and loggers. There are still a number of dairies in the community as well as small ranches. The Myrtle Point School District is the largest employer. Many locals work in the neighboring communities of Coquille, Bandon and Coos Bay/North Bend, finding the 10-40 minute commute a pleasureable drive.

What is the number one attraction?

The great outdoors. Myrtle Point is the central hub for a number of outdoor recreation opportunities for all interests and skill levels. For those seeking warmer, quieter attractions, Myrtle Point baosts two great museums—the Coos County Logging Museum and the Fairgrounds Museum.

What is the median home price in Myrtle Point?

The median home price is $149,300 and the average sale price in the past 12 months was $137,000.