Harvest Festival

Myrtle Point Harvest Festival

Since its inception in the late 1980s as a venue for fruit/vegetable growers and crafters to promote their local products, as well as celebrate the end of yet another season, the Harvest Festival has become a favorite fall Harvest Festivalevent.

Sponsored by the Myrtle Point Chamber of Commerce and held annually on the fourth Saturday of September in downtown Myrtle Point, the event attracts thousands of visitors who spend the day strolling up and down the streets admiring hundreds of beautifully restored automobiles entered in the classic Show & Shine event. They also enjoy the variety of foods available and crafts, fruit and vegetables offered up by local vendors.

The afternoons may find a beloved teacher from the local school soaking wet in the dunk tank, or musicians or comedians taking the stage to entertain the passersby.

For many the real fun begins at dusk when the classic cars rev up their motors to begin the two hour cruise through the streets of town. With speakers set up on street corners, the event is broadcast live by the local radio station as 50’s and 60’s music sets the mood for this magical end-of-summer evening.

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