Myrtle Point – The Hub of Coos County

Take a trip to the past in historic Myrtle Point, Oregon

Centrally located in Coos County, Oregon, Myrtle Point offers the comforts of home with its friendly residents, relaxing atmosphere and natural beauty.

Myrtle Point has one of the finest collections of homes and businesses built prior to 1910 of any of the communities on the South Coast. Many of the houses have been refaced, but retain the original architectural intent. Renewed interest in preserving these homes has led to a recent surge in restoring these homes to their former glory and in researching their former owners. Learn more about them by clicking on the links on the left.

Myrtle Point
Myrtle Point, Oregon – 1970

Situated approximately 50 miles off the I-5 corridor and 26 miles from the majestic Pacific Ocean, Myrtle Point is home to the famous Coos County Logging Museum. Filled with artifacts and photographs of the timber industry’s early days, the museum is housed in a scaled down replica of the Mormon Tabernacle.

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A stopping point on the Coastal Rivers Scenic Loop, Myrtle Point also boasts a state-of-the-art Skateboard Park, Tree Trail Walk, Heritage Tour and Fairgrounds Museum which showcases local history. Not to mention it’s a great place to gear up for, or return from, a day out fishing, hunting, crabbing, boating, sand buggying or any of the other numerous outdoor activities to be had in this part of the state.

So whether you stay for a day or for a lifetime, you’ll find this cosy little community a welcoming place to come home to.

History of Myrtle Point

Myrtle Point is a small community of 2700 people located in just to the south of the forks of the Coquille River in the Coquille Valley. Originally settled in the early 1860’s, the town had its greatest insurge of development after the arrival of the railroad in 1893. It was the center of 5 postal routes and the terminus of the railroad. The town had high hopes that the railroad would be connected with the Southern Pacific Railroad in Roseburg – a hope that many still would like to see today.

With the prosperity that the railroad brought, older settlers who had started donation land claims built new, modest homes in the growing town. Often these same people tried their hand at business ventures and many were successful. Many of the families still remain in the area and see their homes as family heirlooom’s. As a result, many of the historic homes and buildings still remain today, much the same as they were when they were originally built. The Heritage Tour will allow you to see many of these homes and businesses.

333 Spruce Street

“The Bank of Myrtle Point”
Built: 1901
Square Footage: 8224
Now a part of Hometown Hardware, the Bank of Myrtle Point was built in 1901 with bricks made locally from the Daniel Giles & Sons brick yard. The building has been occupied by the Bank of Myrtle Point, the N.P. Petersen Mercantile and Myers & Myers Department Store. The post office was also once in the building and the second floor had offices in the upper floors for many years.

The Bank of Myrtle Point was started by J.R. Benson and W.F. Hendricks. It went from private ownership to shareholders in 1912. In 1913, the bank was robbed. Details of the robbery can be found in Myrtle Point Beginnings by Curt Beckham, c. 1985

Myrtle Point, Oregon restaurants

Myrtle Point Oregon restaurants and bars guide. Find Myrtle Point restaurant or bar near you.

A & W Restaurant
(541) 572-2411
530 8th St, Myrtle Point, OR

Tubby’s Restaurant

(541) 572-3222
531 8th St

Herradura Mexican Restaurant
(541) 572-0394
404 Spruce St

B & B Town Cafe
(541) 572-5679
301 Railroad Ave
Sue’s Kitchen
(541) 572-4440
611 8th St

Spruce Street Bar & Grill
(541) 572-4309
630 Spruce St

Myrtle Point Pizza & Deli
(541) 572-2990
525 Spruce St

Feed Store
(541) 572-2105
214 4th St

China House Restaurant
(541) 396-3321
156 N Adams St, Coquille, OR

Cuauhtemoc Restaurant
(541) 396-5493
64 W Highway 42, Coquille, OR

Tadds Restaurant & Lounge
(541) 396-2373
90 W 1st St, Coquille, OR

Coquille Sheet Metal Incorporated
(541) 396-3221
586 Highway 42 E, Coquille, OR

Figaro’s Pizza
(541) 396-5277
29 W 1st St, Coquille, OR

Fraziers Bakery
(541) 396-4832
23 E 1st St, Coquille, OR

Denny’s Pizza
(541) 396-3400
98 E 1st St, Coquille, OR

Coquille Broiler
(541) 396-7039
2 N Central St, Coquille, OR

Caboose Lady Coffee
(541) 396-7119
331 W Main St, Coquille, OR

Chinese Garden
(541) 396-3321
156 N Adams St, Coquille, OR

Valley Coffee
(541) 396-6993
184 W Highway 42, Coquille, OR

Coquille Valley Produce Market & Deli
(541) 396-3742
Highway 42 E, Coquille, OR

The Burger Barn & Company
(541) 396-1990
809 N Central St, Coquille, OR

Rick & Barb’s Homestead Bar &
(541) 396-6240
59893 Fairview Rd, Coquille, OR

Four Seasons
(541) 396-3270
1030 W Central St, Coquille, OR

Joe’s Place
(541) 396-2002
750 W Central St, Coquille, OR

El Paradiso
(541) 396-5312
1220 W Central St, Coquille, OR

Milk-E-Way Feed & Trucking
(541) 396-2836
54261 Fairview Rd, Coquille, OR

Taylor Maid Do-Nuts
(541) 269-0411
63023 Highway 101, Coos Bay, OR

Jack’s Fountain & Timberline
(541) 439-2331
160 Fir St, Powers, OR

El Sol
(541) 266-8212
63058 Highway 101, Coos Bay, OR
Powers Tavern & Cafe
(541) 439-2623
510 1st Ave, Powers, OR

Halfway Tavern
(541) 267-5933
59576 Halfway Rd, Coos Bay, OR
Pappys Chicken and Burgers
(541) 266-0922
63048 Highway 101, Coos Bay, OR
North Bank Kennel
(541) 347-3561
1630 N Bank Rd, Coquille, OR
Luscombe & Sons Hay & Feed
(541) 267-7561
93323 Luscombe Loop, Coos Bay, OR