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Skaters from far and wide have tested their skills against the concrete waves of this challenging park. Considered one of the gnarliest skateparks in Southwestern Oregon, the Myrtle Point Skatepark features a rolled pyramid, fun box, tombstone and ten foot bowl.
Built in 2001 on the site of Myrtle Point’s original town square with the input of local skateboarders, the 10,000 square foot concrete park welcomes not only skateboarders, but also in-line skaters, lazer scooters and BMX bikers.
The park is located between Spruce and Ash Streets at the west end of town. For more information contact the City of Myrtle Point at 541-572-2626.


Fishermen and hunters flock to the southcoast beginning in late summer in the hopes of taking home a prized salmon or a four point buck. The area is known for its abundant wildlife and scenic beauty.
Salmon begin their trek up the Coquille River in late summer and continue into the fall. In November steelhead fishing begins. For the year-round fisherman Johnson Mill Pond, located between Myrtle Point and Coquille, is a popular bass fishing spot and Powers Park offers trout fishing.

Each June Powers Park promotes stocks its pond with an abundant supply of trout and hosts a fishing derby as part of Oregon Fish & Wildlife’s Free Fishing Day.

Myrtle Point and Coquille both offer well maintained boat ramps with restroom facilities. There are many other boat ramp facilities up and down the Coquille River.

Each fall hunters arrive with their four-wheelers ready to roam the less inhabited areas of receptfria sömntabletter in search of deer, elk, bear and wildlife that thrive here. Licensed hunters are permitted to hunt on most public lands, while private lands require permission from the landowner. Timber companies often allow hunting on their properties and they post no hunting signs due to fire danger if there has not been enough rain.

For information on hunting and fishing licenses contact the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, PO Box 59, Portland, OR 97207. Call 503–872–5268 for general information or 503–872–5275 for license, tag and permit information. You can also visit their website at www.dfw.state.or.us.