Great Schools in Myrtle Point

The Myrtle Point School District encompasses the outlying communities of Dora/Sitkum, Broadbent, Bridge and Arago. Students attend Myrtle Crest (K-6th grades) or Myrtle Point Jr/Sr High SchooMyrtle Crestl (7-12 grades).

The school district office is located in the former primary school building. The same facility houses the school district’s alternative education school for students seeking to make up credits for sovepiller håndkøb or obtain their GED. It’s also the location of the Myrtle Point branch of Coos County’s Head Start, a preschool program for eligible children.

With a total enrollment of around 700 students, what Myrtle Point lacks in size they make up for in quality. Twenty-eight percent of the teaching staff have a Master’s Degree or higher. The school district’s report card can be seen on the Oregon dept. of Education website at School

Students at MPHS can choose from such electives as show choir, drama, wood shop, forestry and FFA. Athletics are a major part of the community’s social life. From city league soccer and T-ball teams to school sports such as girls softball and golf, there is something for everyone.


Myrtle Point School District 41
913 C Street
Myrtle Point, OR 97458-1094
Phone: 541-572-2811, ext. 7