History of Myrtle Point

Myrtle Point, located above the forks of the Coquille River, was a gathering place for Coquille Indians long before the white man arrived in the 1850s. Ephraim Catching filed a donation claim here in 1853. In www.coquillevalley.org1861 a village was platted and laid out by Henry Meyers and was named Meyersville. This was the first town platted on the Coquille River. The great flood of 1861-62 washed away many of those cabins and growth of the little town stopped. In 1866 Christian Lehnherr bought the land and built a home and grist mill. In 1879 he named the town Ott in honor of a friend. The name didn’t stick, but Lehnherr is honored as the founder of Myrtle Point, named for the many beautiful myrtle trees that grow here.

Local historian Robyn Greenlund has compiled an extensive website on Coquille Valley history. Visit her site at www.coquillevalley.org.